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What is Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing: What is it and why is it important?

In 2004 the term Web 2.0 was coined to characterize tools becoming available on the web that allow people to subscribe to content on certain destination sites, such as blogs and forums.  Web 2.0 are the condos being built off the foundation of good solid search engine optimization basics from websites and helps keep the community talking.

People can interact with others in “communities” of people who share common interests and concerns and share content with each other in a conversational tone. Since 2004, the term Web 2.0, has evolved and morphed into what is called Social Media simply because this is word of mouth content and referrals driven by people, not search engines.

What is Social Media?

There are three types of social media destination sites: Content Sharing, Content Publishing, Social Networking. The explosive growth of social media among consumers has been noticed by businesses. Many businesses in many industries are harnessing the collective influence of online social communities. In May 2005 BusinessWeek wrote a cover story about the importance of corporate blogs. In May 2008 they did a follow up story updating it with current social media trends to highlight the worldwide growth and how businesses are harnessing (Web 2.0) social media marketing.

The most compelling reason most businesses should embrace social media marketing is because it offers you an opportunity to “cast a wide net” to reach your target audience.

Why is Social Media Important?

While SEO and PPC is a great way to drive traffic from search engines, consider that search engines are also displaying results from social media sites including blogs, forums, YouTube and links from social media networking sites. The viral (word of mouth) potential of social media is hugely powerful

The “conversations” which occur on social media web properties can be very influential because the communities that form online travel fast and the word spreads both online and offline. Let’s also remember a social media marketing strategy must be implemented in consideration with all other aspects of your marketing strategy. In fact, a social media plan touches many aspects of your marketing and communication strategy.

Social media Web 2.0 requires that you expand your thinking when planning all marketing activities ranging from product launches, press releases, organic SEO , trade shows, etc

It's All About Content Marketing

A social media strategy is all about connecting with people you share common interests. Your buyers want to be engaged through your content, not your sales pitch. Your content should deliver on the three “E” elements: educate, enlighten, entertain. You can build relationships with the people in your target community by offering them great content that delivers on these three elements. Always give them a reason to want more of your content and make it easy for them to get it from you, building trust and value along the way.